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About Stuff-A-Bagel

Stuff-A-Bagel is a family-oriented business. In fact, the Farmingdale and Bethpage locations are ran by the owner's nephew, while the East Northport location is ran by his sister. But before all of that, the business has experienced a long and rich history.

Our Family Story

In 1969, Anthony Mazzara opened his first bagel shop in Brooklyn. The name of the shop was “Hot Bagels,” and was a big hit on Flatbush Avenue. In 1972, Mazzara decided to expand his business to rapidly growing Long Island. After two years of operating in Melville, he opened up another shop in Huntington.

After 11 years of successful operation, Mazzara passed on his expertise to his brother-in-law, Joe Caruso. Caruso opened up the first Stuff-A-Bagel in Lindenhurst in 1985 and had incredible success. As the Lindenhurst location got more and more popular, Caruso decided to expand the business into Deer Park and Islip.
Over time, the Stuff-A-Bagel brand continued to expand. Currently, Caruso is operating ten locations, two of which are in Florida. As time has gone on and locations have changed, the business has been sure to maintain their original recipe. After 47 years, the recipe is still being enjoyed by all of Caruso's customers. Although we cannot divulge the specifics about the recipe, we can tell you that all of our bagels are boiled and baked on location!

Clearly, we have come a long way since we first began in Brooklyn. We have gone from having one small shop to having ten great locations! We have even expanded into becoming a deli as well as a bagel shop. Clearly, as Long Island has grown, we have grown with it. But, as we continue to grow and evolve, one thing will always remain true: we are a family-oriented business.
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